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The Olivia family


Olivia Soaps is a small family-run company located in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is made up of an Italian-American couple (Fiorenza and Chad) and two Ragdoll cats (of Californian origin but born, raised and resident in the North East of Italy).

'Olivia' because Olive Oil is the king of the ingredients we use. Local, sustainable and full of properties. We started because we believe in natural cosmetics, we believe that true beauty is natural, and that there is beauty everywhere, for those who know how to see it.


We believe in respectful and non-polluting cosmetics. We believe in never selling a product that we would not use on ourselves and our loved ones.


All our products are in compliance with the legislative obligations described in the European regulation n. 1223/2009 (European Regulation code concerning the production and sale of cosmetics in Europe), because we believe that health should not be regarded lightly.

Our small mission is to help you and help us have a naturally clean world, one soap at a time.

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